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My dearest sisters,

I have been receiving quite a lot of requests to open up the rest of the chapters of ODAAT of late but I just haven’t found time to work on them. I feel horribly guilty when I have to ask you to wait for the next update and eventually not get around doing it.

The next best option available to me was to move the story to a place where I am assured of security and safety for my work. So I have decided to move ODAAT to Wattpad where I can easily post all the chapters without having to watermark them. Saves me a lot of hassle of playing around with the rendering of the chapters.

Just to test how it works, I have already posted the first chapter on Wattpad without any hiccups. Seems to be a pretty straightforward interface. Hopefully those who are interested in reading it should be able to follow it easily.

Over the next days, as and when I get time, I will start posting all the chapters, and hopefully the whole story, on this link. 🙂

Readers who are new to Wattpad will have to register and follow me, or add the story to their reading list/library. (I think both the options work for notifications for new updates. I am as new to it as you are! 🙂 )

Thank you for waiting patiently for so long. The fact that some of you have waited so long to read it again means the world to me! Cannot thank you enough! The love you all have showered upon this story will be cherished by me forever. 🙂

The current story I am writing –  Blue Dust – will still be available on WordPress on the regular link. Have no plans of moving that to Wattpad yet.

Hoping to see you all jaanemans… in a new world. 🙂
Please stay safe, take care and keep smiling. 🙂

Lots of Love 🙂