My dearest sisters,

I am in the process of opening all the chapters of ODAAT once again. I am working on them as and when I find the time — AD is insane at the moment and will only get worse over the next couple of months. Meanwhile, I ask for your patience as I work my way through all the chapters one by one. I promise to make them available as soon as they are done. Also, I would be grateful if you could please let me know if and when you encounter any issues while loading the blog on yourΒ browser or app.

The new look is going to render the chapters as images with a watermark and might bother some eyes. Unfortunately, this seems to be the most popular method of keeping the blog content secure and I have had no option but to implement it.

Thank you for waiting patiently for so long.

I will be adding the link of the chapters that I’ve finished working on at the bottom of this page.


The current ongoing story, theΒ spin-off of One Day At A Time, is available at

Blue Dust

Many of you have complained about not receiving the email notification for the last new post on Blue Dust. A couple of them have informed me that the notification email had been automatically redirected to the new Social tab of their gmail account, but without the ding of the new-mail notification. I am wondering if it’s worth checking and playing around with your gmail account settings to get that working. Hope this helps.

Many of you haven’t received a ding for the new chapter on their apps as well. I have no clue what is wrong with WP.  😦 

I will see how it goes with the new post this Thursday and write to them incase it doesnt show up for everyone again.

Thank you for your patience. Lots of love to you for staying with this story even after it’s completion. Means the world to me. πŸ™‚



Chapter 1 – Upside Down

Chapter 2 – In Conversation

Chapter 3 – First Impressions

Chapter 4 – Winds of Change

Chapter 5 – The Way We Are

Chapter 6(A) – Haul Over The Coals

Chapter 6(B) – Knack to Hack

Chapter 7 – A Bad Bad Idea

Chapter 8 – Mislead

Chapter 9 – Oceans Apart

Chapter 10 – A Friend In Need

Chapter 11 – Closing Doors

Chapter 12 – The Hearts Grow Fonder

Chapter 13 – A Better Tomorrow

Chapter 14 – A Sight To Behold

Chapter 15 – Tea for Terrace

Chapter 16 – On The Trot

Chapter 17 – Once Under A Blue Moon

Chapter 18 – Music To My Ears

Chapter 19 – La Douler Exquise

Epilogue 2