Change of blog address for Blue Dust

Hello Dearies, This post is to inform everyone who is following Blue Dust at the moment that the blog address has changed from to There wont be any change to your comment section as the move is apparently not going to change anything on the blog. Many readers have been complaining about some … Continue reading Change of blog address for Blue Dust


My dearest sisters, I have been receiving quite a lot of requests to open up the rest of the chapters of ODAAT of late but I just haven’t found time to work on them. I feel horribly guilty when I have to ask you to wait for the next update and eventually not get around … Continue reading Moving..

Epilogue 2

The tantalising aroma of cinnamon and vanilla swirled inside the large kitchen, teasing the nostrils of the children playing outside in the garden, promising them the treat they all loved to devour at any time of the day. The kids rushed into the kitchen, which was