Hello Again!

My dearest sisters, I am in the process of opening all the chapters of ODAAT once again. I am working on them as and when I find the time -- AD is insane at the moment and will only get worse over the next couple of months. Meanwhile, I ask for your patience as I … Continue reading Hello Again!


Epilogue 2

The tantalising aroma of cinnamon and vanilla swirled inside the large kitchen, teasing the nostrils of the children playing outside in the garden, promising them the treat they all loved to devour at any time of the day. The kids rushed into the kitchen, which was

Chapter 2 – In Conversation

“But I don’t want someone else.” Khushi froze. The voice stilled her heartbeat. A moment later it was back beating with a vengeance, and the noise was deafening her head. She stood numbly holding the receiver to her ear, not knowing what to say.

Chapter 1 – Upside Down

September 06, 1993 Pune The morning sun burned brightly in the sky in a Pune suburb, the blazing heat penetrating the skin layers and making it impossible to stay outdoors even for a few minutes. In this scorching heat, a tangle in the hair was waging a fierce battle against the comb, trying to hold on to its existence, unwilling to come undone. As the fight intensified, she pulled the comb away from her hair and threw it aside in frustration with a force that could've possibly broken it.